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Fall Postal History 2022

October 26-27, 2022 in New York City

Our Fall 2022 Postal History sale includes the John D. Bowman Collection of Boyd's City Express Post, the William B. Robinson Collection of Wisconsin Postal History, material from the collections of Steven M. Roth and Graham Booth, FRPSL, and much more. 

LOT# : 618
Date: October 26, 2022

Local Stamps

approximately 150 items in total, all identified and accompanied by Mr. Bowman's notes, adhesives on cover including 20L2 (3), 20L3 (2), 20L4 (14, three from the Captain Atwood correspondence), 20L7 (11), 20L8 (4), 20L10 (3), 20L11 (2), 20L12 (2), 20L13, 20L14 (4), 20L16, 20L17-18 (8), 20L23 (3), 20L25, 20L35, 20L36, 20L43 (2), 20L44, 20L46, 20L47 (2), 20L53, 20L54 front, and 20L56 (4), also 41 stampless covers arranged chronologically with Bowman handstamp types identified for each, stamped envelopes including 20LU18, 20LU38 (3), and 20LU44, bank notices including 20LUX3 and 20LUX9, and more, generally fine to very fine, an extraordinary holding which will provide a wonderful foundation for an advanced collection, the amount of research that has already been done by Mr. Bowman is invaluable to the student of local posts (Scott $19,000+, not counting stampless)

Starting Price: $5,000
Hammer Price: $8,000