Lot Details

LOT# : 1167
Date: 10/27/2022 - 22:00


several hundred envelopes and cards, we note better including UPSS 2158-33 mint, 585-8 mint, 3425-46 used, 3704-23 unused, S4-TCe, S4-TCi, S4-TCza, S4-TCzd, S5-TCa, S14b2 used, S75a mint, MR1E-GBb, MR17 mint (faults) and unused, several multi-ad cards including Corn Flakes and Blue Label Chili Sauce, several stamped envelope ad collar cut squares, numerous postal card plate varieties all neatly identified, and much more, words cannot adequately capture what is in this lot so we encourage you to view photos on our website, Dr. Larry C. Parks was an extraordinary collector and this lot benefits from his many decades of research

Starting Price: $1,000
Hammer Price: $3,500