Harmer History: Frederick R. Mayer Collection

For our first installment, we are looking at the Frederick R. Mayer Collection of Nova Scotia (Sale 2944), held May 12, 2004.


The introduction to the catalogue reads:
Among the hierarchy of United States philately, Mr. Frederick R. Mayer is probably the best-known "low profile" collector. Esoteric and scholarly in his philatelic passions, tenacious in his pursuits, through his four decades of collection, he has amassed perhaps four "best ever" Collections. His United States 1856 Five Cents Imperforate, best known in the United States, is considered without equal and may, in fact, be the preeminent single stamp collection ever formed. He has been accused (humorously) of collecting the TWO best Costa Rica Collections ever. The Macao is without peer and no other than the Macao Postal Museum has made numerous advances. Let us also not forget his New Caledonia, Madagascar, Antigua and Panama Transits. 

The Frederick R. Mayer Collection of Nova Scotia is replete with rarities, but don't take our word for it—have a look at just a few of them below:

LOT 648: The Unique One Penny Bisect on Intact Cover

6p yellow-green, in combination with 1p red-brown, DIAGONAL HALF WITH UNSEVERED SINGLE, all with good to large margins, very fine, tied by oval grid cancels and much of Dorchester AP 29 1857 split ring datestamp of origin on blue folded letter (missing one flap) to London bearing red PAID JU 4 circular datestamp, reddish PAID 6 with manuscript "Stg" (sterling) and "paid 7 1/2"



LOT 669: The Magnificent Double Shilling to India

1sh cold violet, Pair, in Combination with 6p yellow green, both pair and single large margins, rich fresh colors, SUPERB, tied by near oval grid cancels on mourning envelope to Madras, India bearing portion of red PAID transit and matching manuscript "1/10" SYDNEY MY21 1853 split ring datestamp of origin, Halifax transit and red framed G.P.O. markings on reverse



LOT 712: The Famous and Unique Quadrisect Three Pence Intraprovincial

1sh purple, THE UNIQUE "QUARTERED" COPY, fashioned to show value tablets, SUPERB, tied by oval grid cancel on blue folded letter to Halifax bearing BADDECK C.B. FE 5 1858 split ring datestamp of origin and manuscript "paid" beneath frank, indistinct marking on reverse