Harmer Stamp Stories: Canadian Airpost

Canada's semi-official airmail stamps provide collectors with a fascinating look at the development of the country's northern mining regions. Between 1924 and 1932, airlines were authorized to print their own postage stamps for the carriage of mail to destinations that were otherwise unreachable. These stamps were generally affixed to the reverse of envelopes, which were still required to carry the normal Canadian postage. In last year's sale of the Bedford Collection of Canada, we offered a number of these elusive and attractive stamps, a few of which are pictured here. Further material from this expansive collection will be featured as part of our forthcoming June 2022 auction.

Laurentide Air Service, 1924 (25c) Dark blue green, Complete booklet
Hammer price: $600
Commercial Airways, 1930 10c Black, Imperforate
Hammer price: $130
Patricia Airways 1928 (10c) proof without airplane design
Hammer price: $300
Patricia Airways 1926 5c Green and red on yellow, Black overprint, Malformed "o" variety
Hammer price: $250
Patricia Airways 1926 5c Black and red on blue, Black overprint
Hammer price: $675