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LOT# : 1036
Date: June 22, 2022

British Guiana

British Guiana Postal Stationery Collection, approximately 120 mostly mint cards, envelopes, registry envelopes, wrappers, airletters, etc. in a binder, many better as (mint unless otherwise noted) H&G 2a "Specimen" overprint and perfin, 3 "Specimen" perfin (2), 4 used to Germany with postage due markings, 6a used (2), 8 used (2), 10 used (uprated), 11 used (uprated), B2 to Trinidad with Trinidad 1d due pair added, C11-12 "Specimen" overprints, FG1 mint (4) and used (uprated), etc., usual mixed condition with most fine to very fine
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Starting Price: $75
Hammer Price: $190