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LOT# : 1039
Date: June 22, 2022


Burma Postal Stationery Collection, approximately 145 mostly mint postal cards, envelopes, registry envelopes, airletters, occupation, etc. in a binder with better as (mint unless otherwise noted) H&G 1 mint and used (uprated), 3, 6, 8, B1, B1a, B1b used, B2, B2a, B2b used, B3 mint and used, C1 used to New Zealand, C2 mint and used (uprated), C3 mint and used (uprated), FB1, FG1 mint and used (2), FG2 mint (2) and used (3), useful array of mostly mint occupation cards as I13, I20-21, I28, I30, I35-36, I38, I44, I46, IB1-4, IB8 mint and used, IB15, IB15a-b, etc., some minor duplication, usual mixed condition with majority fine to very fine
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Starting Price: $150
Hammer Price: $475