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LOT# : 870
Date: June 22, 2022

French colonies

French Colonies and Foreign Offices Postal Stationery Collection, wonderful two volume collection, begins with (mint unless otherwise noted) General Issues H&G 6, 8, B2, B2a, B2b, E1-5; Algeria; Benin B2a used; China; Congo B2 and B2a; Dahomey 3 and IB4; Gabon; Guyana B7; India A3-4; Indochina 2r used; Ivory Coast 4; Latakia 1-2 CTO; Madagascar A7-8 plus nice selection of Dependencies; Martinique 8-9, A3-4, and B4; Morocco A1 used and B2; New Caledonia A7-8 and A10; Obock 7, 9, and B3; Port Said 10a; Reunion 3-4; St. Pierre et Miquelon; Senegal; Sudan; Syria; Tunisia 7, 13, 20, 25, 32, B9, and B17; and Zanzibar 5 and 8-9; condition generally fine to very fine with many premium items throughout, well worth a close inspection as such a collection would be nearly impossible to recreate
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Starting Price: $500
Hammer Price: $1,100