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LOT# : 97
Date: June 24, 2022

Bridgeville, AL

13X1, Bridgeville, AL 5c Black & red, horizontal pair with pen cancels on neat 1862 folded letter to Columbia, South Carolina, light July 31 Bridgeville postmark at top left, horizontal crease away from stamp, right stamp with a pre-use vertical crease, very fine, described in the Caspary sale as "one of the outstanding Confederate items known" and illustrated in that catalogue's full-color frontispiece, this pair are the only two recorded examples of the Bridgeville Provisional either on- or off-cover, an extraordinary cover, 2022 Philatelic Foundation certificate (Scott $20,000, an outdated value) Provenance: Count Philipp von Ferrary (Gilbert Sale 4, 1922) Alfred H. Caspary (H.R. Harmer Sale 989, 1956) Josiah K. Lilly (R.A. Siegel Sale 317, 1967) David Carnahan (Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1978)
Starting Price: $7,500
Hammer Price: $7,500