Lot# 2838 - Sale #3006

  • Lot# : 2838 Switzerland

    Switzerland Collection, 1882/1964,  mostly mint on Scott pages highlighted by useful group of mostly used 1882/1907 Standing Helvetia and Numerals incl perf and shade varieties, 102 used, assorted mostly mint 1930s/40s definitives tete-beche and gutter pairs, 256-67 mint incl some coil singles and setenant multiples, 376-77 NH, B90a mint, 1928-64 Pro Juventute and Pro Patria complete mint (no S/S), mostly used postage dues incl 1878/97 issues frame varieties, J35-67 mint incl grilled gum var., nice group of 1913/60 mostly used railroad stamps, etc., usual mixed condition with majority F-VF, nice foundation collection (no photo)
    Start Price : 350 USD
    Current Opening : 210 USD
    Hammer price : 230 USD