Lot# 3556 - Sale #3006


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    VALUABLE U.S. STOCK,  on black dealer approval cards in 7 albums, with better items that incl: C13 o.g., C13-14 used, several Kans. Nebr. sets, several mint Louisiana Purchase sets, 678 mint plate block, mint 505 group (single, in center of horizontal strip of 3 and in center of block of 9), recalled Legends of the West sheet, Banknotes, 1890 small banknotes, 1894-5 Bureaus to $2, Columbian singles in quantity through $5 and blocks to 6c, Trans-Mississippi (about a half dozen sets to $1), 293, 1902 regular issue (2 mixed mint and used sets to $2), 313, 400, 523 (3), 524, 547, several 1938 Presidential sets, Washington booklet panes, much face, Newspapers (and Facsimiles), mostly complete Post Office, Interior, Treasury, War Dept, Interior, Agriculture, Official Mail and Executive Specimen officials, nice selection of ducks, PS10 block of 12 w/ pl. no., 255P4 pair, Farley souvenir sheets, 599A pair, imperf offset pairs, 1909 commems, 296-99 blocks, 294-99 mint set, 548-50 blocks set, several more Kans. Nebr. sets, 538a, 540a, 343-46 mint pairs, early mint special delivery, postage dues, Washington Bicentennial plate block set, several pages of Washington / Franklins, over 5 sets (plus many misc. values) of first airmails (C1-6), C18 (26), several blocks and plate blocks of early airmails and more. Condition and centering vary (with occasional faults throughout), overall a valuable stock with a plethora of key values (some in quantity), perfect for any serious dealer.
    Start Price : 15,000 USD
    Current Opening : 9,000 USD
    Hammer price : 20,000 USD