Lot# 3572 - Sale #3006

  • Lot# : 3572 United States Postal History Collections

    19TH AND EARLY 20TH CENTURY COVER ACCUMULATION, of 48 covers, with several better covers incl: some Blood's locals, 93 on small cover, 77 on cover to France with PSE cert, 214 single on domestic use cover, 78 on cover from St. Louis to England, several no. 11s on small embossed ladies covers, 68/76 on folded letter to Bordeaux, 65 on early 1863 Oregon cover, from Scottsburg, OR to Roseburg, OR, 32 on cover to San Francisco, California, 112 on local use cover, 68 on cover from Worchester, Mass to C.W. (Canada West), 87 on cover from Winchester, Mass to Henia, Ohio, several banknote usages, 3c banknote on cover with "Treasury Department, Second Auditor's Office" corner card and 3c banknote postage due, 15c banknote on cover from Boston to Natal, South Africa, 30c Banknote pair on large registered piece from New York to New Haven, Conn. Condition ranges from VG-VF with occasional fault to be expected. Well worth a careful inspection.
    Start Price : 500 USD
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    Hammer price : 1,250 USD