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    FRANCE ALMOST COMPLETE,  Excellent collection, mint and used of many hundreds of stamps housed in one old fashioned and substantial album bulging at the seams, from 1849 Ceres imperfs onwards through to the mid 1980s. The collection is mostly used in the 19th century, tending towards mint in the 20th, highlights include 1fr Ceres #9 (cat $800), a good range of Napoleons including both perf and imperf with values to 5fr 1862/71 Scott #37 (cat $825), various imperf Bordeaux including an attractive unused 10 cent bister on yellow wing marginal Scott #42 (cat $1000), followed by page after page of postmark studies, both small and large figures. Then the peace and commerce types to 5fr with both different imprints including many scarce items, through to turn of the century with the orphans series #B3 to #B9 slight adhesion on gum (cat over $900), then the 5f + 1f 1922 and the surcharge o/ps series both mint and used #B20 to #B23, followed by many key stamps including the Congress 1923 o/p #197 (cat $440), the mint souvenir sheet of 1925 stamps never hinged #226 (cat $1100), virtually all the sinking funds and better semi postals inc. #B27, #B34 and #B38, as well as #B24 to #B26, #B31 to #B33 and #B35 to #B37 (cat well over $700), also present the first airmails #C1/#C2 (cat $400), the mint 20fr pont du Gard mint never hinged (cat $450) etc. The collection continues with hardly any empty spaces including the good Normandie #300a, the 50fr green airmail #C14 (cat $325) and the mint plane over globe 10fr green #C17 (cat $300), virtually every other semi postal present as well as, PEXIP m/s both mint and used Scott #329 (cat $700) and page after page of everything you would expect to see present, including all the good airmails such as 1000fr black, se-tenant strips, the better semi postals and regular defins and commems of the 1940s and 50s through to the mid 1980s, as bought on a new issue service. A collection that is very pleasing to the eye, not needing that much to complete.
    Start Price : 4,000 USD
    Current Opening : 2,400 USD
    Hammer price : 3,750 USD