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  • Lot# : 3735 FRANCE

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    APPEALING FRANCE COLLECTION AND BALANCES.  classic to modern in albums, stock and sales books, etc. with very strong classics and early 20th century mint and used incl varieties, "Susse" and other private perfs, gutter and millesime pairs, classic proofs and essays, "ANNULE" and "Specimen" overprints, perfins, assorted covers, 1980s/90s booklets and panes, "RF" overprints, some 19th century revenues, etc., flipping through some attention grabbers include Ceres and Napoleon 1fr values used, 1869 5fr used (17) with assorted cancels and shades, 19th century issues with nice array of different cancels (numerals, towns, ambulant, rural, etc.), Sage issue millesime pairs mint incl 40c type II "9" pair NH, 1911 40c-5fr Merson "ANNULE" overprints, 226b mint (8) and used (2), 246 used, B1-2 blocks of 12 NH, etc. and even a smattering of colonies, usual mixed condition particularly in the pre-1910s issues, VG-VF, a must view. 
    Start Price : 4,000 USD
    Current Opening : 2,400 USD
    Hammer price : 8,500 USD