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    ALSACE-LORRAINE POSTAL HISTORY COLLECTION, 20th CENTURY,. Excellent collection of about 125 postal history items here, representing 1914 to 1945, beginning with WWI prisoner of war mail on Russian postal stationery with cards from Vrutka in Russia to Alsace, with the collector identifying the different war time offices, followed by a study of postal control during the war with the recognition that much mail to France went outside of the military system. Certain examples such as the post Armistice 11th November 1918 withdrawal of the Germany army from the territory and the French army replacing it, yet clearly in transition as reflected by the delightful double oval postmark Stadt-Theaters Muelhausen, in German, uncensored. Further interesting covers with a 1918 registered letter from Wesserling to Berne with censor band, accompanied by double oval censor mark 55 and Belfort 21st October 1918 and Berne back stamps. Also seen superb propaganda caricature with cartoon of "some specimens of the 400,000 Boches, hirsutes and Vagrants who have invaded Alsace since 1871"! Yet another cover in the section relating to front lines being established in WWI, this time with 5cts letter to Paris from Moosch, sent out on the 14th June 1915 with seals of Mairie de Moosch, Bergermeister Moosch and the Commune de Moosch Alsace, making a most visual impression. Also most unusual German local court stationery used by the occupying French with a letter from Dammerkirch, for the government Commision of the 57th reserve division. Another great item is a registered letter from Pera in the Ottoman Empire to Metz with very visual Turkish censor marks and further large red censor sealing label on reverse in Arabic, accompanied by Ubewachungstelle cancel, specifically for military security opened under war regulations, full of character. Yet further material includes red cross letters, military express letter from KD Feldpost in Rumania to Huningen with boxed St Luwig PK cachet and unit briefstempel cachet on reverse Huningen (Obrels) cancel 25th February 1918, etc, etc. Just seen an exceptional card from German prisoner of war held in Japan, initially at Ninoshima camp, sent to Marienheim, Alsace on the 5th May 1917, accompanied by all kinds of Japanese characters. There is also good material in between the two world wars with a 14th April 1927 parcel card from Schitigheim to Nancy, franked with 4.65fr plus a 50ct fiscal used postally with Avricourt transit cancel and Nancy Ville receiving mark the next day, possibly unique. More interwar through to the late 1930s/1940s with American troops stationed In Alsace including advertising mail, letters from the Mayor»s office in Kindweiler to Strassburg, patriotic postcards, card sent by a British Sub Lieutenant serving with the French 158th Infantry occupying Alsace, picture postcard from Bad Nordach to Mulhausen with unusual "forwarding forbidden return" strike etc. The German Occupation section begins with a postcard from a childrens evacuation camp at Auningen by Metz, registered letter to the Special Commission of the OKW in Metz from the Mergemeister, Freisdorf with handwritten provision registration label and boxed provisional cancel etc etc. Outstanding with many scarce items present
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