Lot# 37 - Sales #3010-11 - NY 2016 Rarities Sales

  • Lot# : 37 Italian States - Roman States

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    1859 Cover Rome to Sydney Australia via British Military Camp “Aldershot”, 1852 6 baj black on grey with 50 baj blue (Scott 7, 10; Sassone 7a, 10) tied by grids to lettersheet from "ROMA 19 NOV 1859" via the British Military Camp Aldershot where it was re-addressed, franked with a Great Britain 1856 6d. lilac(Scott 27; SG 70) for the onward postage to the Archbishop of Sydney Rev. Dr. Polding, the letter was carried by P.&O. packet PERA to Alexandria, then overland crossing the desert with camels and donkeys to Suez, reaching P.&O. packet NORTHAM to Sydney with arrival marking FE 9 1860, then forwarded to Mudgee, NSW, but finally returned to Sydney on March 19, 1860; the GB 6d uncancelled in error because the postman at Farnboro Station cancelled the Papal States 6 baj instead, minor imperfections as usual and 6 baj with small corner fault, otherwise Very Fine; 2016 K. Louis BPP certificate
    Only 7 re-addressed combination covers with Papal States & GB frankings are recorded in the Karl Louis card index register of which only 4 bear the rare 50 baj. adhesive stamp, and 3 are from the correspondence to the Archbishop of Sydney Dr. Polding (John Bede Polding 1794 - 1877).
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