Lot# 38 - Sales #3010-11 - NY 2016 Rarities Sales

  • Lot# : 38 Italian States - Roman States

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    1865 Cover Rome to London with Forwarding to Sydney Australia, 1852 50 baj.in the rare dark ultramarine shade (worn impression) together with 6 baj. black (Sassone 7a, 12) tied by black grids to letter sheet from "ROMA 16 GIU 65" via "Rev. Canon Donall, St. George's Cathedral Southwark, London" where it was re-addressed by affixing a separate address label franked with a GB 1865 6d lilac, plate 5 (SG 97) for the onward postage to the Archbishop of Sydney, NSW, Rev. Dr. Polding; the lettersheet was carried by P.&O. packet from Southhampton to Alexandria (August 2, 1865) hence overland by camels and donkeys to Suez reaching P.&O. packet NEMESIS (dep. August 10, 1865) to Galle, Ceylon, and finally carried by P.&O. packet MADRAS (dep. Galle August 25, 1865) to NSW with "SHIP LETTER SYDNEY 22 SP 1865" datestamp for arrival, minor imperfections, address label and 50 baj. lifted and hinged back for presentation; Sassone states only 28 covers franked with 50 baj. worn impression and the present offered to Sydney, Australia is not listed; only one other to Auckland, New Zealand listed in Sassone; 2003 Colla and 2016 K. Louis BPP certificates
    Only 7 re-addressed combination covers with Papal States & GB frankings are recorded in the Karl Louis card index register of which only 4 bear the rare 50 baj. adhesive stamp, and 3 are from the correspondence to the Archbishop of Sydney Dr. Polding (John Bede Polding 1794 - 1877).
    The forwarding addressee in London, Canon Donall, was on service at St. George's Cathedral, Southwark, opened 1848. St. Georges' Cathedral became in 1852 one of the four catholic churches raised to "Cathedral" status since the English reformation.
    Start Price : 10,000 USD
    Current Opening : 15,000 USD
    Hammer price : 15,000 USD