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    Royal Household Mail, 1870 Mourning Cover Addressed in Hand of Queen Victoria, 1841 2d blue, plate 4, MA, mainly large margins (just cut into at bottom left), centrally cancelled by small "POR/S.C" in star (Portsmouth Sorting Carriage) used on mourning envelope from Osborne House (crest on flap) addressed in Queen Victorias' own handwriting to "Miss Murray MacGregor, Hampton Court, Kingston on Thames" with arrival datestamp "DE 30 1870"; a very late use of the 1841/53 2d imperf and despite a single off-cover (ex Grant collection 2003) that proves that the late use of the 2d imperfs on (Royal?) Mail from the Isle of Wight or Portsmouth, an unique usage of the "POR/S.C" handstamp cancelling the 2d imperf on cover; possibly the most important philatelic cover from Queen Victoria in private hand; 2016 K Louis BPP certificate
    Queen Victoria and Miss Murray MacGregor had earlier become friends through their literary interests, the lady helping to correct the Queens "Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands".
    It is believed that mail from Queen Victoria or her immediate circle of family and friends received special consideration to avoid postal delay when visiting at her Royal Residence Osborne house on the the Isle of Wight.
    The Murray MacGregor family were given residence at Hampton Court Palace by Queen Victoria in 1851, when Sir John Atholl Bannatyne Murray MacGregor, then Lieutenant-Governor of the Virgin Islands died at Tortola in the West Indies.
    Provenance and reference: A.G. Brewer collection (1976), Gibbons Stamp Monthly magazine, May 1976, Heinz Reck collection (1980s), Spink auction (Dec 1998) "Symphony in Blue" collection (1999 - 2016).
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