Lot# 53 - Sales #3010-11 - NY 2016 Rarities Sales

  • Lot# : 53 Philippines

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    Catalog# : 6
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    6, 1855 5c Pale red, exceptional bottom left corner margin block of four showing all four plate positions, fresh color, unused, ample to full margins the other sides except just clipping the frame line top left, unused, Very Fine showpiece and one of only two mint blocks, this being the only known corner margin block; The bottom left corner of the 3rd stamp in black rather than vermilion - the ink on the transfer die of the four-subject stamps did not cover the lower left corner of the plate of 48 stamps due to lack of contact of the transfer die to the paper, leaving the corner basically an albino impression. Apparently this anomaly was not noticed until after the plate was removed from the press and after the vermilion ink was discarded. The impressed corner was re-inked by hand using available black ink resulting in an irregular appearance to the design; 1991 Graus certificate; ex-Ferrari, Burrus, Lange, Jacob, Boker, Peterson
    Start Price : 15,000 USD
    Current Opening : 15,000 USD
    Hammer price : 16,000 USD