Lot# 74 - Sales #3010-11 - NY 2016 Rarities Sales

  • Lot# : 74 1938 to Date

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    The Donald Price Exhibit Collection of the 1979 $1 Rush Lamp and Candleholder Issue Featuring 4 "CIA" Inverts, complete 16-page exhibit (includes four double pages) chronicling the production and use of the $1 Americana series issue, starts with color variations in the background and design elements plus tagging including a tagging omitted plate block and intaglio offsets on the gum, the center section deals with the different errors and includes four "CIA Inverts" - the discovery "damaged" copy presented as a gift to dealer Jacques Schiff by the CIA employees, two inverts (pos 10 and 20) with the "white band at right" variety (occurred in only 10 positions on the sheet) and a "normal" invert, also two singles and block of four of the missing offset colors (Scott 1610b), two singles of the intaglio colors omitted (Scott 1610a) plus a block of ten showing progressive loss of the intaglio color - the right stamps with the engraved color completely omitted, several pages of color shifts and misperfs, precancels, eight pieces of postal history including covers (including solo use), parcel tag and Post Office "Postage Due Bill" featuring the $1 stamp, a Very Fine and attractive award-winning exhibit
    Start Price : 50,000 USD
    Current Opening : 50,000 USD
    Hammer price : 50,000 USD