Lot# 75 - Sales #3010-11 - NY 2016 Rarities Sales

  • Lot# : 75 Carriers Stamps

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    1LB3a, 1850 1c Blue Baltimore Md. carrier stamp, cross gutter tete-beche block of fourteen, positions 5/7/9-10 and 1-10, position 9 of tete-beche with paper-maker's embossed seal; slightly toned o.g., top right vertical pair with a crease, three stamps with punch holes and position 8 with small surface scrapes; the largest recorded block and thought to be unique, one of the most important and spectacular multiples of all carrier stamps and one of the very few tete-beche items known in classic US philately; ex-Frank A. Hollowbush (1966), David Golden (1999), Philip T. Wall (2007), illustrated and described in Denwood Kelly's 1973-74 series articles about Baltimore Carriers and Locals published by the NY Collectors Club; 2000 Philatelic Foundation certificate (Scott $4,000, but in the last 17 years this item has never sold for less than $5,000 and has sold for an average of $5,600 without the buyer's premium)
    Start Price : 5,000 USD
    Current Opening : 5,000 USD
    Hammer price : 5,250 USD