Lot# 1044 - Sale #3012

  • Lot# : 1044 The Van Ingen 1st Bureau Issues Collection

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    1c, 5c 1st Bureau Issues Used on Incoming Ship Cover From Samoa, 5c (281), 1c (264) pair + single paying 8c registration fee on incoming ship cover to New Jersey, originating in Samoa and franked with Samoa 2p (13eh) strip of three tied by "Apia, Samoa 5/18/(98)" double circle cancel, US issues tied by non descript purple cancels, matching "Registered, San Francisco 6/1/98 purple oval, senders address on backflap "Postmaster, Apia, Samoa", Very Fine showpiece, extremely rare mixed franking.
    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 600 USD
    Hammer price : 650 USD