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  • Lot# : 3683 Libya - Occupation Issues - Fezzan-Ghadames

    Exhibit Collection of Postal History of Fezzan-Ghadames, 1900/52, 27 covers and cards tracing the 20th century postal history of the region starting with an Italian Administration after their defeat of the Turks in 1912 and then the French after defeating the Axis powers in 1943, some of the covers included are shown above and the balance on the website; some of the more important covers being a 1914 provisional Fezzan postmark on cover to Rome, 1914 unfranked cover Fezzan to Napoli with GOVERNO DELLA TRIPOLITANIA / RESIDENZA DI SOCNA" handstamp, 1943 cover with trio of provisional postmarks on cover with "R.T.S. DU TCHAD/ BIBLIOTHEQUE DE LA COMPAGNIE" cc, two 1944 French Field Post Office 560 covers - one with 3-line "MISSION SCIENTIFIQUE FRANCAISE / DU FEZZAN / 18 FEVRIER 23 AVRIL 1944" cachet and the other a cachet marking opening of Fort d'Omano at Mourzouk, c.1945 unfranked to an administrator in Tunisia with a "TERRITOIRE de FEZZAN / Le Gouverneur Militaire" handstamp, assorted philatelic covers with specially issued Fezzan-Ghadames issues, etc., F-VF, a lovely group of thesde truly elusive covers (see online scans)
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