Lot# 5007 - Sale #3012

  • Lot# : 5007 United States Collections

    5c TAYLOR (179, 185) BANKNOTE SPECIALIZED COLLECTION, consisting of 33 stamps with various cancels, a small die proof and 222 covers, many to foreign destinations; Turkey, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Sweden, Austria, Bahamas, Cuba, Brazil, postage due to Madura, South India, Chile, Egypt, Syria, Turkey in Asia (Syria), Natal South Africa, Japan,Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Kabenda Sierra Leone, Republic of Mexico, some mail from foreign destinations, a mourning cover, as partial payment for double domestic rate covers, one with quintuple rate to New York, some forwarded foreign destinations, a true world class rarity cover from Callao (Peru) June 14th 1874 with 3 British 6p stamps and 3 179s (1 with partial plate no.) combo tied to reverse by "C35" Panama British P.O. Abroad barred oval and New York Steamship strikes, with "Panama 20 JUN 76 Transit" marking and 24 rate (crossed out), addressed to Georgia. A wonderful collection for the specialist with several rare, if not unique items.
    Start Price : 6,000 USD
    Current Opening : 3,500 USD
    Hammer price : 3,500 USD