Lot# 5010 - Sale #3012

  • Lot# : 5010 United States Collections

    205, 216, GARFIELD BANKNOTES SPECIALTY COLLECTION, of singles, blocks, essays and over 150 covers with better items that include; 205 mint, large part o.g. with PF Certificate, two mint Sample A specimen stamps, 205-E2 India, die sunk on card essay, and better covers including; two covers sent to Naval Vessels in England, one was forwarded to Naval Agent at U.S. Consul, Piraeus, Greece and the other sent toU.S. Consul Lisbon, Portugal, 205 and 1c banknote for three times rate large cover to Clerk of the Supreme Court 1884, 3c banknote on James A. Garfield / Chester A. Arthur, Young Men's Republican Club corner card, 205 and 1c Banknote from Registrar of Hudson County, NJ, pairs or used in combination on multifrank domestic covers, several sent overseas as 5c UPU rate including; Juneau Alaska to England, Norway, Denmark, 5c and Great Britain 1p combo, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, France, Cuba, several to Mexico, Uruguay, 5c and Mexico 3 centavos (4) and Wells Fargo frankings to Mexico, Holland, to Ship "S.S. Colon" in Mexico, 5c with 10c banknote registered exchange label to Switzerland, 5c on 5c Garfield entire to Germany, 5c and Great Britain 1p mixed franking forwarded from Great Britain back to New York, mourning cover to Germany, several mourning covers to Mexico, via El Paso, Texas, mourning cover to Switzerland, 5c and 2c banknote on 3c entire to Hannover, Denmark, 5c brown and 10c banknote registered from San Francisco to Switzerland with exchange label, Chile, Oahu, Hawaii, 5c (2 singles) to Dublin, Belgium, Turkey, India (Pakistan), Turkey forwarded to Eastern Rumelia, Riga Rushia (Latvia), Italy, Cairo Egypt, mourning cover forwarded from England to Paris, Wien Austria, multifrank cover to Germany, strip of 3 on registered cover with exchange label to Odenberg, Germany, early typewritten cover to India, 5c and 15c banknote to Germany with registry exchange label, U.S. Counsel to Yokohama Japan, Bahamas, Chief Justice of Supreme Court at Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, 5c to U.S. Counsel General in Panama, U.S. of Columbia, one interesting cover sent to London, forwarded to American Exchange office, returned to New York, redirected to Paris American Exchange, redirected to Russia and finally delivered to Moscow, 219P1 large die essay, india on card, group of 4 216 on 5c entires, to Austria, Smyrna Turkey, Germany and Florence Italy, Department of the Interior, Patent Office to Prussia, signature of postmasters at time of usage of 205 (1881) and 216 (1885), 5c blue to Bermuda, 5c blue (2 singles) on 2c registered entire to Chicago, to Brussels, cover from the White House sent between the time President Garfield was shot in July until he dies on September 2, 1881, a double rate cover to Michigan, Hyrum Utah Territory cover to England, 5c blue franked with stamps of three countries, forwarded and sent postage due to France and forwarded postage due to Switzerland, 5c blue to France, postage due, 5c UPU to Cuba, 5c blue forwarded mixed franking with Germany 10pf, 5c blue to Karachi, British India, Pakistan, 5c blue to England forwarded, with Great Britain 1p mixed franking, 5c blue on illustrated "The Brooklyn Daily Eagle", 5c, 212, 213 (2) to Commander C. A. Davis to U.S. Consul Alexandria Egypt, overall F-VF, a fantastic Garfield banknote collection, among the finest in existence. (see online scans)
    Start Price : 3,000 USD
    Current Opening : 1,800 USD
    Hammer price : 1,800 USD