Lot# 5015 - Sale #3012

  • Lot# : 5015 United States Collections

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    U.S. COLLECTION, 1873/1994, in a Mystic album, excellent showing of early banknotes to 90c, many being mint, small banknotes to 90c, Columbian to 10c mint, first Bureau appear mint to 50c, 277 (used), Omaha mint to 50c, 1902 mint to 15c, 310-12 (used), 323-26 mint, 328-30 mint, excellent Wash.-Franklin issues, mixed used and mint, note 357 (NH), 369 mint, 397-400A mint, early commemoratives, Kans-Nebr complete, C10a (NH), mostly complete thereafter, early through Wash.-Franklin in very mixed condition, otherwise Fine collection (see online scans)
    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 600 USD
    Hammer price : 1,350 USD