Lot# 5297 - Sale #3012

  • Lot# : 5297 CANADA

    CANADA SEMI-OFFICIAL AIRMAILS COLLECTION. couple stock sheets of stamps plus fifteen covers (add'l cover with CL3 tied on back but stamp removed from other side), includes Mint NH CL2, CL8-10, CL11a, CL12a (l.h.), CL26 sheet of eight, CL40-41, CL44, CL46, CL48, CL52, On Cover CLP5, CL5, CL13, CL40, CL42, CL46, CL48 with some duplicates for different flights, F-VF (see online scans)
    Start Price : 750 USD
    Current Opening : 450 USD
    Hammer price : 850 USD