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  • Lot# : 5349 TONGA

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    TONGA BALANCE. classic to modern in stock books, binders, a "shoebox of miscellany", specimens incl sheets, collective proofs, etc. and incl some Niuafo'ou noting Tonga 70-72 FDC, 74 sheet of 60 with Row 4/2 "Lopped Branch" variety (SG 75a), 75 sheet of 60 NH (2; one with one stamp creased; other extensive perf separations), 616-17 sheets with "Specimen" ovpt, 673-76 collective proof, 718-20 sheets NH, 1170 NH, CE2-6 NH, CO1-5 blocks NH plus imperf proof block of four of the overprint, etc. plus 1955 reg cover to Tunisia, some "Tin Can" covers incl one with "Final and complete evacuation of Niuafoou..." handstamp and stamp tied by ms cancel, Niuafo'ou 3-15 (less #6) favor cancelled sheets of 20, 90-93 collective proof, 98 bromide proof, etc. plus bits of collateral as Tongan paper money, Tonga police dept. patch, etc., generally F-VF, inspection a must (see online scans)
    Start Price : 750 USD
    Current Opening : 675 USD
    Hammer price : 1,100 USD