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    THE REUBEN RAMKISSOON EXHIBIT COLLECTION OF TRINIDAD and TOBAGO AIRLETTERS ans AIRLETTER SHEETS, 1943/2001. 125 pages of mint and used airletters and sheets and also incl an array of proofs, essays and specimens, includes two different types used examples of 1943 Postage Paid Air Mail Letter Sheet from H.M. Ship (each type only three known), KG VI period censored uses and destinations as UK, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, USA, Singapore (letter sheet with meter postage), Malaya, Rhodesia, Norway, etc. plus 1950 12c die proof of indicia and entire with "SPECIMEN" overprint, 1952 5c die proof of indicia, QE II period 1953 12c die proof of indicia, a Post Office authorized private pictorial 12c air letter sheet, 1954 12c "SPECIMEN" or "CANCELLED" perfin or "SPECIMEN" overprint, 1958 12c "CANCELLED" perfin, 1958 15c "CANCELLED" perfin (unique) and "SPECIMEN" overprint, 1960(?) essay adapted from Barbados design, many more specimens noted, etc plus wide range of destination countries,assorted paper and shade varieties, usual mixed condition, generally F-VF, an outstanding collection (see online scans)
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