Lot# 5356 - Sale #3012


    TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 1935 SILVER JUBILEE COLLECTION. extensive collection with mint, used and covers with much of it neatly arranged and annotated on exhibit-type pages, array of different town postmarks plus many of the well-known Jubilee varieties, highlights include set with "SPECIMEN" perfin and handstamp on fragment of archival sheet, 2c "Extra Flagstaff" used (4) incl three on cover, "Lightning Conductor" mint and used, 3c "Extra Flagstaff: mint (2) and on locally addressed cover (2), "Lightning Conductor" used, block of four on registered cover to USA, on 1935 mixed issues franking cover to Bolivia, 6c "Extra Flagstaff" mint (2) and on locally addressed cover, 24c "Double Flagstaff" mint (BPA cert), "Extra Flagstaff" mint and on locally addressed cover, "Flagstaff on Right Hand Turret" mint, on covers to USA with other issues (3), Set on 1st Flight cover to Venezuela, on FDC to England, on oversized registered OHMS cover to USA, on registered cover to USA with registry label and two types of registry handstamp, etc., generally F-VF (see online scans)
    Start Price : 750 USD
    Current Opening : 450 USD
    Hammer price : 1,600 USD