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    POLAND - GENERAL GOUVERNEMENT POSTAL HISTORY COLLECTION. An exhibition collection with about 40 covers arranged and annotated on pages, all of them commercially used including registered, with a plethora of censor marks and tapes of various different countries, much of the narrative concerns a post office box in Lisbon, Portgual, a neutral country and how it became one of the main ways to get information out from the occupation to, for example, Polish Military Forces in exile in London; some of the covers, taken at random, include a 1943 re-directed card sent via Portugal to end up in the Polish Naval HQ in London, accompanied by Polish Red Cross labels added mid transit, another item seen was the 12gr postal stationery with additional franking uprated 80gr, sent registered from Grodzisk to Lisbon, with Wehrmacht censor markings already applied in Munich, as well as various Polish markings which were applied before finally arriving again at the Polish Governement HQ in London. There were also censor covers to China including 1940 sent registered from Warsaw to Shanghai, various censor marks with the cover opened and re-sealed, cancelled by Wehrmacht censor applied in Berlin, etc. Also seen, fascinating collateral and back of the book including men»s bicycle permit with occupation revenue stamps applied, even a Poland postal stationery card with horizontal bar ovpts applied to block the original country, listed to advertise the stamps of the new General Gouvernement, etc., F-VF, a fascinating collection (see online scans)
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