Lot# 5716 - Sale #3012

  • Lot# : 5716 SPAIN

    SPAIN COLLECTION to 1992. mostly mint in three Lighthouse hingeless albums, note mixed mint and used 19th century (few forgeries as often) incl some bar and punch cancels, 285 mint, 339-44 mint (1p NH), 1930 Columbus complete NH plus a few with "Muestra" overprint, 516-23 mint, 623-34 mint (some NH), 678-89 NH, 704-05 NH, B14-18 mint, B32-46 mint, B55-63 mint, B74-105 mint, B108A-C NH, B108Kl mint, C68-72 NH, CB6 mint, CB8-17 NH, etc. plus 1946 UPU Congress presentation album, strong section of Revolutionary overprints and of the Scott unlisted Civil War period sets and S/S, post WW II period highly complete and mostly NH incl premium issues, classics usual mixed condition but better than usually seen, mostly F-VF, a highly desirable collection and ideal for continuation (see online scans)
    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 900 USD
    Hammer price : 2,300 USD