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  • Lot# : 8 New Brunswick

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    Catalog# : 2b
    2b, 1851 6d Olive yellow, Diagonal bisect, tied by "29" grill cancel to envelope addressed to "Pleasant Valley/ West Cornwallis" Nova Scotia, backstamped St Martins AU 2 1858 dispatch with transit marks of St. John and Kentville; a Fine and rare cover as just 18 are recorded paying the ½d rate to Nova Scotia and just six of these using a bisected 6d; ex-Wilkinson, Hackmey, photographed in "Maple Leaves" Vol 29 No 1 (p 19); 1987 Greene Foundation certificate (identifies stamp as #2c) rnThe PMG never authorized the use of bisected stamps though it was tolerated probably as a courtesy to Nova Scotia's PMG who authorized the use of bisects in 1854.
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