Lot# 2015 - Sales #3020-23

  • Lot# : 2015 Paper Americana - Autographs

    U.S. Senators and Representatives of the 1840s/50s. a small booklet (6x7½"; binding non-existent so basically the unbound signatures) with numerous autographs of the 1840s/50s incl most of the US Senators at the time including (in the order of the States as present in the book) South Carolina JC Calhoun (US Vice President 1825-32), AP Butler, Georgia (John) Macpherson Berrien, H Johnson, W Dawson, Alabama Ben Fitzpatrick, William King, Mississippi Jefferson Davis (later President of Confederate States), HS Foote, Louisiana Pierre Soule, H Johnson, Ohio Tho Corwin, W Allen, SP Chase (later US Treasury Secretary), Pennsylvania Dan'l Sturgeon, Simon Cameron, James Cooper, Virginia JM Mason, Robt Hunter, Massachusetts John Davis, Dan Webster (later US Secretary of State), Rhode Island John Clarke, Alb C Greene, Connecticut Roger Baldwin, John Niles, Truman Smith, New York John Dix, DS Dickinson, William H Seward (later US Secretary of State), New Jersey JW Miller, WL Dayton, North Carolina Geo E Badger, Willie Mangum, (tear in page affects both signatures), Iowa AC Dodge, GW Jones, Wisconsin IP Walker, Kentucky JR Underwood, Thomas Metcalfe, Tennessee HL Turney, Jno Bell, Indiana JD Bright, EA Hannegan, Jas Whitcomb, Illinois Sidney Breese, SA Douglas, Jas Shields, Missouri Thomas H Benton, David R Atchison, Arkansas Solon Borland, Michigan Alpheus Felch, Thomas Fitzgerald, Lewis Cass, Florida DL Yulee, James Westcott Jr, J Morton, etc., also includes signatures of many Members of the House of Representatives of the same period and a signature of Henry W Longfellow pasted onto the Pennsylvania page, virtually all of the signatures clear and legible though a few just affected by some paper aging, a Fine and fascinating volume
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