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  • Lot# : 2028 Paper Americana - Presidential Autographs

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    Millard Fillmore (1800-74; 13th President 1850-53), ms. "Free M. Fillmore" free frank on cover addressed in his hand to "Samuel Blake, Esq Boston Mass", Buffalo, N.Y. May 26 large double circle date stamp, straight line "Free" handstamp, flap torn, Very Fine and choice.rnFillmore served in the House of Representatives from 1833-1835 and 1837-1843 and was Vice President under Zachary Taylor from 1849-50, ascending to the Presidency on July 9, 1850, following the death of President Taylor. He failed to get the Whig presidential nomination in 1852 and retired to his Buffalo home where he became active in civic activities including helping to establish the University of Buffalo.
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