Lot# 3005 - Sales #3020-23

  • Lot# : 3005 Philatelic Literature

    Collector's 19th Century Stamps Library, includes Ashbrook "US 1c Stamp of 1851-57" Vol 2, Brazer "Essays for US Adhesive Postage Stamps" (Quarterman), Brookman "US Postage Stamps of the 19th Century" Vol 1-3, Chase "The 3c Stamp of the US 1851-57 Issue" (Quarterman), Evans "The US 1c Franklin 1861-67" (hb), Hill "The US 5c Stamps of 1856-61", Lane "The Harry F Allen Collection of Black Jacks", Luff "Postmasters' Provisional Stamps" (includes plates), Neil "The Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898", Neinken "US 1c Stamp of 1851-61", "US 10c Stamps of 1855-59"; Skinner & Peterson "The 1851 Issue Sesquicentennial Retrospective", etc., typical collector use and wear, some of the books may contain hand-written notations, a Fine foundation group
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    Hammer price : 180 USD