Lot# 3356 - Sales #3020-23

  • Lot# : 3356 United Nations Collections

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    COMPREHENSIVE UN COLLECTION, 1951-91, NY, Geneva and Vienna issues in 11 Scott album and being highly complete for period, definitives and commems usually present as a mint single, block and MI block with some mini-sheets in later issues, also includes S/S, year set folders 1958/91, souvenir cards, assorted mostly later FDC, mint postal stationery incl premium airletters, also note 29-37 MI blocks NH, 38 used, 1957 3c UNEF pair with De La Rue "SPECIMEN" handstamps, etc., majority NH with some hinged in the early issues, generally fresh and F-VF; Face Value NY $1,040+; Geneva CHF1,850; Vienna Ash7,400
    Start Price : 400 USD
    Current Opening : 400 USD
    Hammer price : 400 USD