Lot# 3410 - Sales #3020-23

  • Lot# : 3410 CEYLON

    CEYLON SPECIALIZED COLLECTION. "collector»s collection" of hundreds of KG V and KG VI issues written-up with illustrations of the flaws on quadrille pages in an album; highlights include 1935 Silver Jujbilees with study of the constant plate varieties on the 6c used incl line by turret (SG.379f), dot to left of chapel (SG.379g), followed by the 1938/49 Pictorials with a denomination-by-denomination in-depth survey of the shades, watermarks, better perforations, as well as many flaws incl. the comma flaw on all three perf types on the 2c used (SG.386aa, 386ab, 386ba x2), as well as equally major flaws not listed nevertheless proven constant by the collector, for example the apostrophe after «2», deformed «M» on the 3c on both De La Rue and Bradbury Wilkinson printings, even highly unusual flaws on the higher values, with long diagonal line on both stamps in pair of 2r, etc.; the collection continues with the 1940 Surcharges incl. 3c on 20c lower margin inscription part sheet of 30 mint, 3c on 6c block of 15 tied on piece by Kandapola cds cancels, etc, etc. A delightful specialised collection.
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