Lot# 3485 - Sales #3020-23

  • Lot# : 3485 BRITISH AFRICA

    BRITISH AFRICA COLLECTION. to 1980s issues on well-filled Minkus or homemade pages and incl numerous duplicates esp in the classic periods, a bit more used than mint with better throughout incl Brit East Africa 105 mint (thin spot), Cape of Good Hope assorted used "Triangles", Gambia 24-27 mint, KUT 36-37 revenue cancels, No Rhodesia 40-45 mint, Nyasaland 63-67 mint, Rhodesia 102-08 used, Seychelles 18 mint, 28 used, etc. plus useful Mauritius, Natal incl high values with revenue cancels, the "Nigerias", Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Transvaal, Zanzibar, usual mixed condition, VG-VF, view to appreciate
    Start Price : 1,200 USD
    Current Opening : 1,200 USD
    Hammer price : 1,200 USD