Lot# 3634 - Sales #3020-23

  • Lot# : 3634 FRENCH COLONIES

    SPRAWLING FRENCH COLONIES COLLECTION. splendid predominantly mint collection of 1000s of mainly classic period to 1940s issues in 9 large Yvert albums and sporting many complete sets with many being NH either mounted on selvage or by unobtrusive cellophane mounts; on closer inspection you»ll find an additional used stamp sharing the mount with its mint counterpart, we note (mint unless otherwise stated) Gabon 1912 overprint spacings in se-tenant pairs incl 10c on 50c, on 2fr and on 5fr all signed, Tunisia 1938 semi-postals complete and the Red Cross surcharges with 1916 10c on 2fr and 1918 15c on 2fr, also many of the 1906/07 postage due sets incl for Ivory Coast, Dahomey, French Guinea, Upper Senegal, Mauritania, etc.; similarly the 1913 Pictorials through to surcharges of the 1920s are virtually complete for many colonies; also lots of better overprints of the WW II period incl Senegal 1944 surcharges complete signed and the 20fr and 50fr on 90c Caillie NH, excellent Reunion with «France Libre» complete virtually all NH, comprehensive CFA, Roland Garros #C1 used, 500fr on 1000fr bridges of Paris NH, excellent officials incl 1889s mostly signed; also note plenty of S/S and some deluxe proofs, occasional covers with Madagascar expedition covers, generally F-VF; a most pleasurable collection to viewrn
    Start Price : 3,000 USD
    Current Opening : 3,000 USD
    Hammer price : 3,750 USD