Lot# 4094 - Sales #3020-23

  • Lot# : 4094 Worldwide Collections and Various

    WORLDWIDE in SALES CIRCUIT BOOKS. 1000s of mint and used in two dozen or so old approval books, virtually all intact, predominantly from 19th century to 1950s, including many mint NH sets, we note French Colonies with New Caledonia, Comoros, Somali Coast, etc, Indochina through early Vietnam ovpts, China with Sun Yat-sen surcharges appearing repeatedly by the dozen, as well as Latin American classics particularly Argentina, also useful Belgian Congo, Baltics, Danzig, etc, generally F-VF; untouched for decades and offered as receivedrn
    Start Price : 240 USD
    Current Opening : 250 USD
    Hammer price : 350 USD