Lot# 117 - Sales #3024-25

  • Lot# : 117 First Period Printings, 1881 to 1885, on European Paper

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    5, 1881 2a Purple, Imperforate, vertical strip of three with bold circular Dhankuta cancels, center stamp (position C6) inverted, minor faults including a tear in the margin of the top stamp and a thin in the middle (inverted) stamp, otherwise Very Fine appearance; this strip is significant for several reasons: the only inverted cliche in the first issue of Nepal occurred in Setting 3 of the 2a denomination, and only two unused pairs and this strip are known; additionally, a strip of three is the largest used multiple of any of the 1881-85 printings; fittingly, Hellrigl stated "this strip is one of the greatest rarities of Nepal," 1994 Hellrigl AIEP certificate, ex-Singer and illustrated in Singer p.50
    Start Price : 8,000.00 USD
    Current Opening : 8,000.00 USD
    Hammer price : 16,000.00 USD