Lot# 221 - Sales #3024-25

  • Lot# : 221 Telegraphic Period, 1917 to 1930

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    16 var., 1917 ½a Yellow-orange, used alongside contemporaneous ½a-4a stamps on India ½a stamped envelope (w/ India KGV 2a on reverse), tied by January 21, 1921 Ghumdhang cancels to over-franked philatelic cover from W.G. O'Sullivan (supervisor of the British post office in Kathmandu) to his wife in India; O'Sullivan was the first to discover the orange variety of the ½a in 1921 and prepared several covers, this being the only known example of the rare yellow-orange shade on cover; an eye-catching cover of the utmost rarity, ex-Singer
    Start Price : 1,000.00 USD
    Current Opening : 1,000.00 USD
    Hammer price : 600.00 USD