Lot# 4790 - Sales #3024-25

  • Lot# : 4790 Topical Collections

    TOPICALS COLLECTION in 18 STOCK BOOKS. extensive collection with a representation of virtually every topical under the sun, there are many 1000s of stamps here from categories such as flowers, birds, aviation incl balloons, gliders, zeppelins, animals again with many separate sub categories for example under L, lemurs, lions, leopards, etc through to monkeys, butterflies, sports such as rowing, soccer, swimming, table tennis, famous people from explorers, composers, poets, from the 19th century through to the 1970s with nothing beyond, most countries of the world represented here and every page nicely filled, generally F-VF viewing highly recommended with so much material here and no duplication whatsoever.
    Start Price : 200.00 USD
    Current Opening : 200.00 USD
    Hammer price : 325.00 USD