Lot# 4791 - Sales #3024-25

  • Lot# : 4791 Topical Collections

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    DEALERS TOPICAL HOARD One dealer's hoard of topical issues from various Sand Dune countries and Equatorial Guinea from the late 1960s to 1970s filling three large cartons. We note that there are literally tens of thousands of sets and souvenir sheets usually packaged in groups of 25 or 50 each. The key selling point of this selection is that many of these are identified by Michel catalog on the glassine along with information about the year of issue and the topic which makes it a lot easier to market this material. Could be a real gold mine for the individual who would create a market. Three heavy cartons - consider shipping costs.
    Start Price : 100.00 USD
    Current Opening : 725.00 USD
    Hammer price : 900.00 USD