Lot# 30 - Erivan Sale 1

  • Lot# : 30 Carriers Stamps

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Semi-Official Carrier, 7LB5, 1849-50 1c Black on rose with "J-J", uncancelled stamp on complete cover front with additional portions of the letter sheet on reverse, addressed to Lynnford Kentucky, lightly struck blue "Philada Pa Jun 17 10" town marking at right, Very Fine and choice (Scott for a "used" example $7,500)

    Only two examples of this stamp on or off cover are recorded with the other example, also untied, on a cover with a 5c 1847. When both items were first sold in the Caspary Auction (March 1957) this front realized $1,100 and the cover with the 5c 1847 sold for $1,300.

    Provenance: Alfred H. Caspary (H.R. Harmer Sale 1069, 1957)

    Ambassador J. William Middendorf, II (Frajola Net Price Sale 4, 1990)

    John R. Boker, Jr. (Private Transaction)

    The first five Philadelphia Carrier Stamps (7LB1-5) bear intials in the last line of text: "L-P," "S," "H," "L-S," and "J-J." Although these were intended to represent men who served as carriers (as first identified by Luff), only "John Johnson" appears to have received the correct initials. As described in an article by Elliott Perry (Chronicle Vol. 34, No. 4), which illustrates the cover offered here, most of the early Philadelphia Carrier Stamps (7LB1-9) are known in two types: "Group I," which has elevated periods in the top line of text, and "Group II," which has periods in-line with the bottom of "U.S.P.O." Both examples of 7LB5 belong to "Group II," although the one-time existence of "Group I" stamps can be inferred. The cover offered here was the discovery copy, first reported by Eugene Klein in 1911.

    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 1,000 USD
    Hammer price : 2,900 USD