Lot# 41 - Erivan Sale 1

  • Lot# : 41 Local and Private Posts

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    (Grieg’s) City Despatch Post, New York, 40L1, 1842 3c Black on grayish, very large margined single showing the layout lines between stamps on all four sides, tied by red "City Despatch Post N.Y. 9 May 1 O'Clock" handstamp and bearing a matching strike of the boxed "Free" marking on locally used folded outer address sheet, choice Very Fine (Scott $2,500 for stamp tied by company handstamp)

    Provenance: Judge Robert Emerson (Daniel F. Kelleher Sale 402, 1939)

    When Greig's City Despatch Post issued their adhesive postage stamp in February of 1842, they became only the second entity in the world to issue a stamp for the prepayment of postage. To put this into perspective, it would be over a year before Zurich issued the 4- and 6-rappen and Brazil issued its famous "Bull's Eyes." The City Despatch Post only operated between February 1 and August 15, 1842, at which point it was purchased by the US government and operated as a carrier service.

    Start Price : 500 USD
    Current Opening : 500 USD
    Hammer price : 3,250 USD