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    Humboldt Express, Nevada Territory, 25c Brown (Scott 86L1), tied by oval blue "Langton's Pioneer Express Star City" and "Wells, Fargo Nevada Jun 10» express markings on 3c Pink on white entire (Scott U34) bearing black "Langton's Paid Pioneer Express" printed frank at the upper left, addressed to "Mr. G. F. Borzo, Placerville, Cal," the stamp with very large margins to into outer frame line at bottom right; the cover has been lightly cleaned and the left margin extended to correct irregular opening along the left side, otherwise Very Fine, pictured in Thomas Vol. 2, page 482 (Scott $40,000), 2019 Philatelic Foundation certificate mentions "stamp with diagonal pen mark lightened at upper left"

    Provenance: Edgar Jessup (Private Transaction)

    Jerome Hawley (Sotheby's Parke-Bernet, 1978)

    The most recent census of this stamp on cover records 6 intact covers, of which three originated in Star City and three in Unionville. The Humboldt Express stamp is among the rarest Western Express adhesives to be found on cover in any condition. Samuel W. Langton established his Humboldt Express to connect the Humboldt mines of northern Nevada with the capital Carson City. As this was a difficult route Langton added a 25c surcharge to the rate of $2 per letter; to facilitate pre-payment of this fee, 25c Brown stamps were produced. Owing to the overwhelming similarities between the Humboldt Express stamp and the concurrent Pony Express stamps, it is believed that Langton's stamps were also printed by Britton & Rey in San Francisco. In addition to its scarcity, this stamp must also be acknowledged as one of the most beautiful of all local post stamps, which adds to the desirability of a cover such as this one.

    Start Price : 7,500 USD
    Current Opening : 10,500 USD
    Hammer price : 16,000 USD