Lot# 118 - Sales #3027-29

  • Lot# : 118 Nicaragua

    3/12, 1869/80 Second Issue Cancels Collection, hundreds of mostly perforated issue singles mostly arranged by cancel type on homemade pages, includes oval "Granada" including reference forgeries, town "killers" including reference forgeries, few of the letter/numeral combinations, misc cds, assorted mute and dumb cancels, geometrics including stars and targets, foreign cancels in Nicaraguan stamps including some US duplexes, 10c vermilion on thin white paper perforated pair used (RPS certificate), assorted manuscript cancels, "negative" numerals, etc. and including some fake cancels added to Seebeck issues to satisfy collectors, usual mixed condition, Very Good-Very Fine, excellent foundation collection
    Start Price : 500 USD
    Current Opening : 1,150 USD
    Hammer price : 1,150 USD