Lot# 3292 - Sales #3043-46

  • Lot# : 3292 1870-71 National Bank Note Without Grill (145-155)

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    155-E2, (1872) 90c Essay, Engraved vignette with pencil and watercolor frame, engraved vignette of Perry mounted on pencil and watercolor frame design, on white card 73x110mm, diagonal hole punch and pencil "90c" at top, few small scuffs well away from design, Extremely Fine, an exceptional and unique hand-painted essay for a high-value Banknote stamp which has not been on the market in 28 years, along with its 24c counterpart one of the most spectacular items we have offered in quite some time (Scott $3,250 is based on a 1992 auction realization and does not reflect current value)
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