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  • Lot# : 3735 California Postal History

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    "Appraiser Generals Office/ San Francisco Oct 31 1853" heading on a letter to George Gordon (Boston Postmaster) in response to his letter (notes he was just about to publish it in the newspaper) concerning mail problems to California from the East Coast, mentions mails left on the Isthmus of Panama due to "the accident to the Railroad Bridge", also comments regarding mail service to interior California cities and towns and the eagerness of the residents to receive such mail saying "...the whole people turn out in a body and rush for the Post Office. Long lines are formed to every delivery some five or ten and $5 id frequently paid to a man near the window for his chance...", ends by denying he's made any charges against Boston postal clerks and offices but simply wants to explain California's feelings and that he maintains the Boston Post Office "the model post office", Very Fine; accompanied by an 1853 "Placer Times & Transcript" clipping commenting on poor quality of postal service to San Francisco
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